Reno Prepares for Annular Eclipse

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Reno Prepares for Annular Eclipse


Image Courtesy: Fleischmann Planetarium

People around the area are making preparations to see Sunday%u2019s rare annular solar eclipse, including lining up 300-people deep to get special eclipse viewers.

Just before noon Friday the line to purchase eclipse viewers from Fleischmann Planetarium was about 300 deep, snaking down sidewalks that run between adjacent buildings.

Customers like Frankie Lowe of Reno could start buying as many as five viewers each.

Dan Ruby, the Planetarium's Associate Director, says he's bought out two different suppliers of both eclipse glasses and viewers, selling as many as 1,000 viewers an hour.

Those who didn't get down to the planetarium in time can still make pinhole viewers or use high-power welding glass to watch the brilliant annularity -- or ring of fire -- as the moon blocks out most of the sun. The best time to see it will be a four-and-a-half-minute window Sunday evening from 6:28 to 6:33.

And don't worry. If you miss Sunday's eclipse, you'll get another chance to see it from Northern 2045.

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