Reno Zombie Crawl Organizes First Zombie Wedding

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Reno Zombie Crawl Organizes First Zombie Wedding


Kate McGee/KUNR

The outfit for the ring bearer at the Zombie Wedding on Saturday outside Junkee Clothing Exchange in midtown Reno.

Do you love the hit tv series about zombies--the Walking Dead?

Or maybe you're preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse yourself?

If so, you may want to head to Midtown Saturday afternoon, Oct. 13, for some pointers. There, zombie models will strut down a catwalk showing off the latest fashions for after the fall of civilization, and afterwards onlookers can witness an actual zombie wedding.

The Zombie Crawl and Junkee have partnered to give away a wedding to one couple. The wedding party will wear custom-made apocalyptic outfits, and instead of rings the couple will exchange ring fingers. Technically, they're carrots, don't worry.

Reno Zombie Crawl organizer Ed Adkins, who is also a minister, will officiate the ceremony. Adkins says Reno's negative image makes it an ideal city to host such an event.

"You couldn't say 'Come to Wisconsin and partake in a Zombie wedding!' But in Reno, that's perfect," Adkins said in an interview at Junkee Friday.

Can't make it to the ceremony, but love Zombies? Don't fret. The fifth annual Reno Zombie Crawl will be held later this month, on Oct. 27.