Renown shooting suspect identified, suicide note found

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Renown shooting suspect identified, suicide note found


Reno Police hold a press conference Thursday regarding the shooting on the Renown medical campus earlier this week.

The suspect's identity for the shooting on the Renown medical campus this week has been confirmed by Reno Police as Alan Oliver Frazier who lived in Plumas County, California.

Police have not found any criminal history on Frazier, but Lt. William Rulla says when officers searched Frazier's they found a suicide note detailing his plans.

"Inside, we located a typed letter indicating the suspect's intent to commit this horrific act. We also located other firearms within the residence as well as notes indicating the suspect's actions during this incident were to be his final actions."

Rulla says officers now believe that the suspect specifically targeted doctors, not patrons, of the Urology Nevada office in the Center for Advanced Medicine.

"We may never know the suspect's exact motive or reason for his actions, but there is indication that his focus was on the physicians at this specific office. He had had surgery in 2010 and claimed he was having adverse symptoms due to the surgery."

The suspect allegedly fired five rounds with a pistol grip 12-gauge shotgun and was also carrying two handguns. Rulla says that witness accounts indicate that the shooter entered through the main lobby and told bystanders he was looking for doctors of the practice.

The names of all three victims in Tuesday's shooting have been released.

One victim, who is deceased, is Dr. Charles Garo Gholdoian. He was 46 years old. The wounded victims include 20-year-old Shawntae Spears and Dr. Christine Lajeunesse.

Reno Police say the investigation could take weeks to complete.