Running for Reno mayor: DeLores Aiazzi

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Running for Reno mayor: DeLores Aiazzi


DeLores Aiazzi with husband Dave and their three grandchildren: Aden, Juliet, and Asher.

There are twenty people running for Reno mayor, including microbiologist DeLores Aiazzi, whose top priority if elected would be to increase citizen involvement in local government.

Aiazzi says she'd like to reestablish the City's Neighborhood Advisory Board program which is no longer in effect.

The City recently replaced those boards with informal quarterly meetings and an online portal for citizen participation, but Aiazzi says frequent in-person contact with community members is essential along with more outreach efforts to help local businesses and startups.

"I would like to see more help to local businesses," she says, "like give good direction on what you actually need to open a business and all the different permits. Sometimes it seems so daunting to actually get something through the permit process, that I think some people stop before they even get started."

Aiazzi says she's intimately familiar with many City issues because she's been exposed to them through the work of her husband, Dave:

"You know, my husband has been on the city council for sixteen years, or was, and now he's on the school board. I've been intimately involved with many conversations about what is going on in the city. I've always been interested in the issues that were before the city, and we talked a lot about them, so I feel like I have a good understanding for those issues."

Aiazzi serves on boards for community arts organizations like Bruka Theatre and the Holland Project, and she's also been a board member for the Knowledge Center at the University of Nevada, Reno. She holds a bachelor's of science degree in medical technology from UNR and is the technical specialist in microbiology at St. Mary's Regional Medical Center.