Running for Reno Mayor: Robert Avery

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Running for Reno Mayor: Robert Avery


Among the nineteen people running for Reno mayor, the candidate pool offers a wide array of professional experience, everything from owning a cattle ranch to working as a microbiologist. Robert Avery is an entrepreneur and co-founder of multiple technology companies. If elected, Avery says he’ll use that experience to bring six-figure jobs to Reno.

With the STEM Academy at Galena High School and the Red House Project, a digital technology program at Reno High, Avery says the region is recognizing and incubating its young talent: 

“We are actually teaching our kids right now highly developed skills where they’re going to be able to go off and have very, very high-paying jobs, but they’re not going to be able to stay here for those jobs.

Along with training its students, Avery says the City must retain this future workforce by attracting Silicon Valley companies like Microsoft, Salesforce, and Apple. If more innovative companies bring their development teams to Reno, Avery says that would create opportunities for skilled careers in software engineering and web development, which would ultimately put the City on firmer financial footing.

“The vision that I have is going to increase the tax base," he explains. "It’s going to broaden and diversify the amount of taxes that are going to be coming in to the City. It’s going to help the school system because they’ll have new corporate donors to help them with their computer labs and other needs.”

Avery holds a bachelor’s of science degree in finance from the University of Nevada, Reno and is the co-founder of, the first remote video visitation system for incarcerated people. The company has a Reno office and the system operates in ten jails across the country, minimizing traffic in and out of those facilities and keeping children from having to visit a jail environment.