Running for Reno mayor: Tom Fitzgerald

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Running for Reno mayor: Tom Fitzgerald


The field of candidates for Reno mayor is in the double digits with people from all backgrounds. This month and next KUNR is profiling each one, including Tom Fitzgerald.

Tom Fitzgerald likes his spreadsheets.

As with his business, Fitzgerald says the best way to get a handle on the City’s finances is taking a simple and systematic approach: look at the expenses and the revenues, and see what can be sustained. He says running a company with up to 28 employees makes him well-equipped for this task.

“I have experience in meeting payroll," he says. "That's what a lot of people who are in business will tell you is one of the hardest things to do. It's not keeping the business going; it's making sure that the employees that work with them and for them are properly compensated and can look forward to a good and productive future."

Fitzgerald is on the board of the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada and is a big proponent of bringing new companies to the region, as well as promoting ones already here.

He’s also served in public office—three times in Colorado before moving to Reno.

Until recently, Fitzgerald was the C.E.O. of Nevada Works—a federally funded agency that invests in job training, which saw a major increase in funding during the recession.

He's mindful the mayor has only one vote and needs to work with the council and others in office, but he says the job goes beyond that--the mayor is the spokesperson who's responsible for luring more businesses to the area.

Fitzgerald says the decision to run for the position goes back to his passion for the City and its potential.
"I am not running for mayor because, 'Oh, geez, I don't have anything else to do--wouldn't this be a great opportunity?' I'm running because I love this city," Fitzgerald says. "I have lived here for a quarter-century. I believe in where Reno is and where we're going. Do we have challenges? Yes, we have challenges. Can we overcome them? Absolutely."

The field of candidates will be narrowed down to just two after the June 10th primary.