Sandoval cancels Washoe GOP appearance due to comments about women

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Sandoval cancels Washoe GOP appearance due to comments about women

Gov. Brian Sandoval has canceled a fundraising appearance for Washoe County Republicans after reports of controversial remarks made about women in the workplace on a radio show last week.

Sandoval has backed out of the Nov. 18 fundraiser because of the comments.

The Las Vegas Sun reports that during the discussion, Len Semas, a conservative publisher, suggested that mothers in the workforce may cause several societal problems, including increased learning disabilities in children along with delinquency.

Washoe GOP chairman Tom Taber participated in the radio show. Some have attributed the comments to the Washoe GOP, but Taber says Semas is not a member of the county organization and his views do not represent their views.

"Well, I think that it becomes obvious that the Washoe GOP was not saying anything negative to ladies or about ladies, and that, in fact, Washoe GOP is very much encouraging ladies to be a part of what's going on and to be a part of our society outside of the traditional areas."

Less than a week ago, Sandoval condemned the controversial remarks of Republican Assemblyman Jim Wheeler of Minden.

At a Storey County GOP meeting this summer, Wheeler said that he'd vote to reinstate slavery if that's what his constituents wanted him to do.

Sandoval urged Wheeler to retract his statement and apologize.