Tahoe ski resorts report about three feet of snowfall over the weekend

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Tahoe ski resorts report about three feet of snowfall over the weekend

Lake Tahoe ski resorts have reported receiving about three feet of snow at the higher elevations across the Sierra over the weekend. As the storm tapers off today, just a few more inches may fall in those higher elevation areas and there will be scattered rain showers in Reno and the foothills.

Meteorologist Brian O'Hara with the National Weather Service says normally the region should be getting storms this size about half a dozen times a winter.

"Looking back, we really haven't had a storm this big in the Sierra since last winter--November/December of 2012," he says. "So, it's been more than a year, so that's pretty much why it seems so much out of the ordinary because really we haven't gotten any this winter and hardly any at the end of last winter."

This morning's commute will be slick and an avalanche warning for the Sierra Nevada mountains will most likely continue today.

Despite having one large storm over the weekend, O'Hara says the amount of precipitation over the past few days is minimal compared to how much the region has done without over the past few years.

"Overall, it'll help just a small amount, but it's certainly not going to solve the drought conditions or make much of a dent," O'Hara explains. "The precipitation did saturate the ground and help in that respect, but we've still got a lot of dry areas around, especially out toward eastern Nevada and central Nevada."

Last month, federal officials declared nine Nevada counties, including Washoe, as primary natural disaster areas because of the ongoing drought. Portions of 10 other Western and Central states have also reached that emergency status.