TMCC opens Veterans Resource Center

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TMCC opens Veterans Resource Center


TMCC student veterans receive recognition at Veterans Resource Center grand opening on Wednesday.

Truckee Meadows Community College just opened a Veterans Resource Center Wednesday to provide support to its 450 enrolled student veterans.

Ryan Gerchman is president of the school's veterans club as well as a Marine Corps vet who served multiple deployments. When he decided to enroll at TMCC he found navigating higher education and the GI Bill to be frustrating. Even more so, he says he struggled with transitioning to campus life.

"You have a set of life experiences, life skills, life training that none of the other college students have."

Gerchman says the center will assist veterans in maximizing their benefits and will build camaraderie through support groups and mentorship opportunities.

Dr. Maria Sheehan, president of the college, says veterans will benefit from the new center but there's still room for improvement.

"I think if we had to grade ourselves," she says, "I would say we are probably in the mid-range--maybe a C or a little below. I would not give us an A or B, not yet. I think we have to earn that."

She says the center is a step in the right direction, but additional revenue from increased student enrollment rates and fees will enable the college to offer more programs for veterans down the road.