Traffic deaths fall 40 percent in Washoe County

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Traffic deaths fall 40 percent in Washoe County


Traffic deaths in Washoe County fell by 40% last year with 19 fatalities compared to 32 in 2012.

Across the state, there was a total of 259 deaths last year, down just three from the previous year. Nevada Department of Transportation Spokeswoman Meg Ragonese says the state has made recent changes to improve road safety, including new technology for snow removal.

"For example, on I-580 and I-80, a lot of drivers will be seeing new tow plows that just help us remove the snow more quickly and effectively. It's essentially a second plow attached to a snow plow."

NDOT has also added many flashing yellow left turn arrows to intersections throughout the Truckee Meadows. Ragonese says these improvements help, but personal responsibility plays a key role as well.

"Traffic safety is so dependent on the actions that each of us as we're on the road take. That means focusing on the road. That means being pedestrian-safe, whether you're a pedestrian or a driver. That means of course not driving impaired. And we all know to buckle up."

Despite the state's slight improvement in traffic fatalities, deaths of motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians all rose last year.