Truckee voters may raise taxes for trails

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Truckee voters may raise taxes for trails


Truckee Trails

The Town of Truckee may soon raise taxes for trails.

The Town of Truckee may soon raise taxes for trails.

The Town Council is set to decide on Tuesday whether to place a quarter-cent sales tax increase on the June 2014 ballot. It's projected to raise about 1 million dollars a year and that money would be put toward maintaining trails and constructing new ones.

A local advocacy group has pushed for the tax.

Tony Lashbrook, who's the Truckee Town Manager, says it's a response to uncertainties about future funding for trail projects.

"We have two concerns in the future. One is not all our projects are going to hit all of those checkboxes for funding, and the other concern we have is some of those, particularly the state of California, grant funding pots are drying up."

The tax would need a 2/3 majority in order to pass. Right now, Lashbrook says polling shows that public support is around that level. He says a key priority would be extending the Truckee River Legacy Trail, which is a piece of the Tahoe-Pyramid Bikeway.

"It's not only the signature trail project in the town, but it also happens to be the key east-west, non-vehicular transportation artery that serves our community."

Once completed, that trail would run from Glenshire, on the east end of town, to Donner Lake on the west end. Council members unanimously supported putting the measure on the ballot earlier this month. If approved by voters, the tax would sunset after 10 years.