Two winter storms bringing snow to Tahoe this week

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Two winter storms bringing snow to Tahoe this week

Two winter storms this week are bringing some much-needed precipitation to the Reno-Tahoe area.

The first storm will move into the Sierra Wednesday, dumping 12-18 inches of snow along the Sierra crest and 3-6 inches at lake level, along with minimal rain in Reno.

The second storm will be moving into the area on Friday, but Meteorologist Dawn Johnson says the National Weather Service isn't reporting snowfall projections just yet because it's unclear exactly where the storm will move inland.

"It's pretty likely that Tahoe will see something, it's just, 'How much?' is the question right now. The way that it's currently tracking, it looks like probably south of Highway 50, so maybe Mono County would do better with this second storm."

Johnson says that in the big drought picture, these storms are small systems, but any amount of rain and snow is better than none.

"We are so far behind in precipitation for this year. If you remember the storm we had a few weeks ago, we would need another approximately four of those to even come up to normal for the year."

The storm that Johnson is referring to, which began Feb. 7, brought about 5-6 feet of snow at elevations above 8,000 feet and between 2 and 4 feet of snow between elevations of 7 and 8,000 feet.