UNR Again Recommends Board of Regents Close Fire Science Academy

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UNR Again Recommends Board of Regents Close Fire Science Academy



Budget cuts and a tough economy have forced the University of Nevada, Reno to again recommend the Board of Regency close the Fire Science Academy in Carlin.

The University of Nevada, Reno is recommending the Board of Regents close the Fire Science Academy in Carlin, according to UNR President Marc Johnson.

"It is disappointing to have arrived at this juncture," Johnson said in a statement. "I extend my deep appreciation to the staff, elected officials, clients, industry stakeholders and others who worked with the University as we explored various, potential options for sustained financial support for the Fire Science Academy."

The Academy is currently $36 million dollars in debt, and in this tough economic climate, the university says it can't afford to foot the bill.

Instead, the Nevada National Guard will continue its plan to purchase the site for training activities.

Elko Mayor Chris Johnson says closing the Fire Science Academy means less people will use hotels and services in the area, but he hopes the presence of the National Guard will eventually help the economy.

"The room nights and the activities to the local economy, they're going to be felt. But the big one is that we've got something on the other side of it and we'll have to see how it develops," the mayor said, referring to the Nevada National Guard.

The university will recommend the Regents close operations on December 31, 2011.

They anticipate most of the 28 full-time employees at the Fire Science Academy will lose their jobs.