UNR President Johnson highlights University's statewide impact

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UNR President Johnson highlights University's statewide impact



UNR President Marc Johnson

Broadcast May 2, 1014 -- In his interview on KUNR's Beyond the Headlines, University of Nevada, Reno President Marc Johnson discusses the statewide footprint of the university, from Cooperative Extension to medicine to regional campuses.

Today, all 17 counties in Nevada are served by the University, informing and educating people in communities statewide with programs from seismology and earthquake preparenedness to mining/geology/environmental science to telemedicine--consulting with rural physicians for improved care in many small Nevada towns.

Johnson notes that while competitive in athletics, UNLV and the University of Nevada, Reno complement each other academically to serve the entire Silver State with each institution's offering of distinct major programs as part of the Nevada System of Higher Education, which also includes the Desert Research Institute, TMCC and other community colleges.

The University's three-year rural residency program has just received accreditation to help provide much-needed physicians in rural areas, with the first year at UNLV and the final two years at UNR. The University of Nevada School of Medicine helps train and prepare physicians statewide in a North-South collaboration.

Northern and southern Nevada's liberal arts and science programs work closely together, and a statewide program of university education departments helps provide a pathway to teacher certification throughout Nevada.

The University of Nevada, Reno is Nevada's oldest university, beginning as a Land Grant University in 1874 and serving for the next 75 years as the only higher education institution in the state. In 1887, a research component was added with the Hatch Act; Cooperative Extension was added in 1914.

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