UNR School of Medicine demystifies operations for healthcare execs

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UNR School of Medicine demystifies operations for healthcare execs


Project Medical Education Nevada participants gather around UNR Instructor Joshua Bardin as he provides a mini-lecture in the anatomy lab.

Community leaders and healthcare executives gathered at UNR's School of Medicine Thursday to learn about the medical student experience.

About a dozen participants, including leaders from Renown and St. Mary's, donned honorary white coats as they learned about everything from admissions to curriculum to residency.

Medical School Dean Tom Schwenk says the goal of Project Medical Education Nevada is to share the intricacies of the field with community leaders in order to foster long-term partnerships and ultimately address Nevada's doctor shortage.

"We have a very inadequate workforce, especially for the coming healthcare reform and the hundreds of thousands of new Medicaid patients coming into the system. So, right off the top, the issue is workforce and training and education, so it's more medical students, more residents, more fellows."

Right now, Nevada ranks 47th in the country for access to primary care physicians.

Earlier this week, the School of Medicine announced that it's exploring a strategic partnership with Renown to possibly expand its medical residency program and clinical research opportunities.

Schwenk says other collaborations are also in the works.

"We are in active discussions, not just with Renown, but with St. Mary's as well, about major affiliations to expand residency training, the possibility of new fellowships, the possibility of joint clinical programs--those kinds of partnerships are absolutely critical to our success and have not been as robust as they probably need to be."

This week's event was modeled after national programming by the Association of American Medical Colleges and also included a session in Las Vegas.