NV Seismological Lab Captures Time-Lapse Videos of Bison Fire

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NV Seismological Lab Captures Time-Lapse Videos of Bison Fire


This photo is a screen-capture from video of the Bison fire taken on Monday.

While crews continue battling the Bison fire near Gardnerville, the Nevada Seismological Lab at UNR is tracking the fire to create time-lapse videos.

The videos have captured the progress of the Bison fire in real-time, allowing emergency personnel and the public to get a clearer sense of the state of the blaze.

Seismological Lab Director Graham Kent says the organization is building a network of cameras on mountaintops across the region to provide similar videography in the future.

In the past, actual fire watchers would man towers 24/7, on the lookout for flames and smoke. Now, these cameras, and the public, can do that work, even before a problem ignites.

"What we want to do is build more of a social media network so that people can look at the cameras during red flag days to basically be the modern, twenty-first-century fire watcher."

The Bison fire is 25 miles away from the lab's camera set-up, but each camera has a line-of-sight of about 30 miles or more.

View additional videos here and here.