UNR will open cyber security center

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UNR will open cyber security center


The Cyber Security Center at UNR will research ideas to protect systems, such as this, around the country from cyber attacks. Geoff Blewitt, professor in the Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology is installing a new server in his GPS monitoring system that processes 20 million bits of information every 30 seconds from 10,000 stations around the globe.

The University of Nevada, Reno is planning to open a cyber security center for research and education.

UNR will soon offer a minor degree program in cyber security, along with a graduate certificate and continuing training for people already in the workforce.

Manos Maragakis is the Dean of Engineering at UNR. He says the field of cyber security is a critical research area for UNR because so many aspects of our everyday lives are affected by cyber threats, whether those are related to online shopping or gaming or personal communication, among other online activities.

"Along with all the technological advancements that have created such a complex and very widely used cyber space, it is very critical that we spend efforts to make this cyber space safe."

Maragakis says that in order to teach cyber security, the school must take a multidisciplinary approach because the field requires a variety of professionals.

"You need, first of all, the engineers to provide the technical solutions. But, then again, you need business expertise that will determine what solutions are economically feasible. Then, you need political scientists that will consider the pros and cons of regulation."

The Nevada System of Higher Education Board of Regents approved the center at its meeting last month. The center will collaborate closely with the Desert Research Institute and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.