US Post Office Holds Public Meeting to Discuss Possible Closure of Reno Processing Center



The United States Postal Service is looking to close the processing center in Reno as part of a nationwide project, and local employees and customers aren't happy.


The United States Post Office held a public meeting in Reno Thursday night to discuss the possible closure of the Vassar Street processing center. It's part of a plan to close 252 processing centers nationwide.

If the plant were to close, that means all mail in the northern Nevada area would be sent to West Sacrament to be sorted and back again for delivery.

According to USPS Plant Manager Jimmy Wolf, the move would save the post office $4.5 Million dollars a year. He also says local mail would take 2-3 days for delivery, instead of overnight.

Concerned workers and customers voiced their issues with the plan, and members of Occupy Reno led a "people's mic," in the middle of the auditorium before walking out. "We do not want our mail shipped to California! We do not accept substandard mail service," they chanted, as other customers and employees appluaded.

Many customers and employees also voiced concern that transporting mail over the Donner Pass may bring during the winter.According to one public commenter, the pass was closed 181 times last winter for various amounts of time due to poor weather conditions.

"In New Jersey, you might have four plants within five miles of each other, that makes sense [to close a facility]," Hansen says. "But 140 miles over Donner summit going both ways, makes no sense," he said.

The plan also means 177 people in the area would lose their jobs or be transferred to another plant, most likely in Sacramento.

Wolf says the plan is still being studied and no decision has been made.