USDA designates Storey as natural disaster area

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USDA designates Storey as natural disaster area


Courtesy of Lyon County

The U.S Department of Agriculture has designated Storey County as a primary natural disaster area due to the drought.

There isn't that much agriculture in Storey County. Still, the natural disaster designation offers farmers and ranchers the opportunity to go to the federal government for resources and aid. The area where this is most of a concern is along the northern border of the county next to the Truckee River.

Joe Curtis, who the county's emergency manager, says they've met with management officials and the state meteorologist to discuss options as the drought continues. He says drought concerns could play a role economically in bringing companies to the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Complex, which is one of the largest of its kind in the nation.

"Some of these companies--as they have made their plans to enlarge and build in that area--think 'gee, is this going to have an impact upon our ability to produce the product we're going to want to produce there.' "

Curtis says this hasn't had much of an impact so far, but it is something they've discussed with some companies. He says most companies have their own water supply that doesn't rely on groundwater like agriculture. Washoe and Lyon counties also qualify for natural disaster assistance because they're are contiguous with Storey.