Vice President Joe Biden to Discuss College Affordability in Reno

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Vice President Joe Biden to Discuss College Affordability in Reno


Center for American Progress/flickr

Two days before the Democratic caucus in the Silver State, Vice President Biden is travelling to Reno to talk about college affordability.

Vice President Joe Biden is coming to Reno Thursday to discuss college affordability at Galena High School. The event is part of a national dialogue about the importance of higher education and the Obama administration's efforts to make it easier to afford college.

The Vice President has already stopped in Pennsylvania and Ohio, two swing states in this year's general election.The event is scheduled two days before the Democratic caucus in Nevada, which is also considered a swing state.

During a phone interview Tuesday, Vice President Biden said Nevada can't let the tough economy prevent the state from investing in higher education.

"We cant allow Nevada to get further behind. Nevada will recover. The last thing Nevada needs though is during the recovery is to end up with a less educated population," the Vice President said.

The Vice President praised efforts from the Obama Administration to make college more affordable, like an initiative to increase funds available for Pell Grants and a tax break for middle class families with children in college. He estimates in the next decade over 62% of new jobs will require a post-high school degree.

"That's why we feel it is much more imperative for the federal government to give tax breaks for middle class families to send their kids to college, then to continue the tax break for people making a million bucks," the Vice President said.

However, budget cuts and a tough economy make it difficult for schools in Nevada to keep costs low for students. The Nevada Board of Regents voted in December to increase tuition at public universities and colleges across the state by eight percent next year. Universities are expected to present how they will use the money at the schools on Friday.