Washoe County Health District Launches New Anti-Smoking Campaign



The Washoe County Health District is using the New Year as a way to get smokers to put out their cigarettes and quit smoking.

Is your New Year's Resolution to quit smoking? The Washoe County Health District is launching a new advertising campaign to help smokers in the county stop the habit.

The campaign uses graphic images of hearts and open heart surgery to show smokers the damage smokers doing to their bodies. According to health officials, smoking is one of the leading factors that causes heart disease.

Erin Dixon with the Washoe County Health District says the campaign is aimed to show smokers the impact of quitting is almost immediate.

"Whn you quit smoking, your blood pressure drops, the temperature of your hands returns to normal,' Dixon said. "After two days your risk of a heart attack begins to drop."

According to the Health District, the number of smokers in the county has plauteaued in recent years. Around 20 percent of adults in Washoe County smoke.