Washoe Schools do well under new ranking system

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Washoe Schools do well under new ranking system

Schools in Washoe County were matched up with more than 300 other schools from across the state. Each one was awarded anywhere from a one star to a five star based on a number of indicators, including student proficiency and improvement on state tests.

The statewide ranking system follows on the heels of the districts own accountability system. Those results were released earlier this year.

Ben Hays, who helped direct that county wide ranking system, says there were no real surprises with the state results.

"We have quite a few schools that have the four and five star classifications, and I think we have a little bit higher proportion. If you look at the overall results, it seems like we're doing pretty good on the state framework."

Hayes says schools that did well will likely get more autonomy, while schools that ranked lower will receive more resources and support from the district.

Check out how your school did by visiting the Nevada Department of Education website.