Washoe Test Scores Up

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Washoe Test Scores Up



Washoe County School District

Washoe County students showed improvement in standardized test scores from 2011 to 2012, according to new numbers the Washoe County School District released.

All Washoe County middle schools and 74 percent of elementary schools showed improvement in math and reading test scores. While 72 percent of elementary schools and 64 percent of middle schools showed improvement in science test scores.

Math proficiency rates rose in every grade, while reading proficiency rose in every grade but sixth, where it was unchanged. And science results among fifth graders set a new record high for Washoe Schools.

Superintendent Pedro Martinez gave credit to the district's teachers.

"It just reinforces my optimism on where our district is going. We're going in the right direction,"Martinez said. "It just confirms the hard work of our teachers. They were under a lot of pressure last year, but they never lost their focus on supporting our children."

The numbers show test results went up for almost every ethnic group; however, there's still an achievement gap for African American students -- along with Hispanics, Native Americans and other minority groups.

The results are from the state's Criterion Reference Tests or CRT.

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