Washoe working to streamline business permitting process

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Washoe working to streamline business permitting process


Right now, if you wanted to apply for a business license in Washoe County, Reno, or Sparks, you would have to jump through several repetitive hoops.

That process could be quite different come next year as Washoe County Commissioners are currently reviewing a regional web-based project to help standardize the process of business licensing and permitting.

The project is a team effort among Reno, Sparks, and Washoe County.

The goal is to allow customers to do their licensing and permitting online without any physical paperwork, and the effort will save at least $400,000 in licensing costs.  

"Some of the customers and the business are demanding this," says Laura Schmidt, the chief information technology officer for the county. "They want a more modern application. They want to be able to do payment processing online and do renewals online. They don't want to have to walk from or drive from the city of Sparks to Washoe County and that type of thing, so that was one of the drivers to be online."

Schmidt says customers will also be able to submit basic information all at once and have that information shared between different jurisdictions:

"You don't have to type in your basic information over and over again. It's going to be there and carried forward from agency to agency."

The project will launch next spring, with a long term goal of attracting more businesses to the region.