What Will the Future Virginia Street Bridge Look Like?

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What Will the Future Virginia Street Bridge Look Like?


Virginia Street Bridge Project

Reno's iconic Virginia Street bridge is set to be torn down and replaced. The City of Reno wants to know which new bridge design you like best and why.

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Reno is looking to replace the city's historic Virginia Street bridge and city officials are trying to decide what will take its place.

Built in 1905, The Virginia street bridge is past its prime.

Kerri Lanza, a civil engineer for the city, says the bridge is worn down and its shape contributes to flooding.

Lanza: "And so we're looking to replace the structure with something that would provide better flood reduction in the downtown."

There are currently five possible designs for a new bridge. Get details on the options in this PDF document.

The City of Reno wants to hear opinions from the public. You can weigh in anytime between now and the end of fall by clicking here.

Even after Reno chooses a design, it'll be at least two more years before the project can break ground- if the city can find a way to pay for it.