Burning Man Founder On How It Started And Where It's Going

Sep 5, 2017

Harley K DuBois
Credit The Burning Man Journal

Burning Man 2017 attracted nearly 70,000 people to Northern Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. The event has grown dramatically from its humble beginnings on the shores of the San Francisco Bay 31 years ago.

While out on the windy, dusty playa this year, Reno Public Radio’s Paul Boger met with one of the event’s founders, Harley K. DuBois, to learn more about how it all started. 

“In some ways, today’s Burning Man is extremely different. In some ways, it’s exactly the same; it depends on what you’re looking at and how you’re looking at it,” explains DuBois. “There’s as much sort of jankiness and creativity and people prototyping and trying new things as there was back in 1994-95.”

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