CASA Volunteers Provide Support to Foster Children in Washoe County

Jan 10, 2018

Right now in Washoe County, there are more than 900 children in foster care. When possible, these children are assigned a Court Appointed Special Advocate to provide them with support.

Our reporter Paul Boger spoke with judge Cynthia Lu to learn more about the CASA program and this continued need.

  • Only 1 in about 5 children in the foster care system in Washoe County are assigned a Court Appointed Special Advocate.
  • The CASA volunteers are individuals who provide support by helping a judge make decisions in the best interest of the kids. But most CASA volunteers also provide emotional support -- sometimes creating life-long bonds.
  •  A child with a CASA volunteer is more likely to…

             o   Find a safe and permanent home.

             o   Get more help in the system.

             o   Have a consistent and responsible adult presence.

             o   Spend less time in foster care.

             o   Not be bounced from home to home.

             o   Do better in school.

  • Since its inception, the Washoe County CASA Program has served over 5,000 children.

As a note of disclosure, the Washoe CASA Foundation is an underwriter for this station.