A Driving Force Behind Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center Retires

Jul 7, 2017

Dean Haymore, community development manager for Storey County, stands at the entrance of Tahoe Reno Industrial Center, the largest industrial center in the world and a development he had a major hand in.
Credit Sally Roberts / NNBW

The Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center has snagged companies like Tesla, Apple, and Switch among about 130 others. 

The massive industrial park opened in the early 2000s, thanks in part to the passion and perseverance of Dean Haymore, who has served as the director of building and community development for Storey County.

Haymore has just retired and he spoke with our contributor Brook Bentley to share some of his insights and memories. 

Many have contributed to the success of the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center since it began in the early 2000s, but one person in particular has set the tempo of progress from concept to world recognition.

Dean Haymore, director of building and community development for Storey County, has ushered the development from sagebrush hills to becoming the place where technology giants like Tesla, Panasonic, Apple, Switch, and now Google have room to dream big; and distribution giants like Wal-Mart, Pet Smart and Zulilly can grow.

Haymore isn't as recognizable as Lance Gilman, the developer of the industrial center, but his influence is significant.

If Gilman is the front man for the TRI Center band, Haymore is the drummer that sets the beat.

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Our contributor Brook Bentley interviews Dean Haymore in the KUNR studios.