Interview: Homebrewing In Northern Nevada

Nov 16, 2017

Credit Niche Podcast

One of our community partners, Niche Podcast, profiles local people with unique passions. In this episode, they talk to Josh Dills, who owns a homebrew store in Sparks, to learn more about his hobby-turned-business.

Brewing beer at home is a growing trend nationwide and in Northern Nevada.

“The whole homebrewing community in Reno, Sparks and the surrounding areas is pretty strong. Everyone’s pretty open and I think the best part of this hobby is just everyone wanting to have a good time and share beer with each other,” says Josh Dills, owner of Brew Chatter in Sparks.

Dills started brewing beer with his neighbor before they opened the store, which sells brewing ingredients, recipe kits, and hardware.

“I see it growing. It’s definitely going to get a lot bigger,” he says about the practice. “We’re going to see all kinds of new, different types of beers, I think. It’s constantly changing the types of beers that people are making and evolving with.”