Martis Valley West Approval Sparks Larger Conversation

Oct 1, 2016

Credit Amy Westervelt

The recent approval of the Martis Valley West development near Lake Tahoe has brought up concerns about how these types of construction projects are getting the green light from local jurisdictions.

In this specific case, the Placer County Planning Commission voted to deny the proposal while the county board of supervisors eventually sealed the deal by voting in favor.

Our Tahoe-based reporter Amy Westervelt has been covering this story. She says some community members are worried that these decisions are being made in a vacuum, without consideration for several other nearby projects.

"You've got Squaw, you've got Homewood, you've got The Boulders--those are three large developments that have already moved along in the approval process," Westervelt explains.

To learn more, listen to our full interview: