Reno Police say new report on Renown shooting highlights importance of treating mental illness

Dec 3, 2014

The scene outside Renown Regional Medical Center after gunman Alan Frazier opened fire on that campus, killing a doctor and injuring two other people on December 17, 2013.

In a report released Tuesday, Reno Police say that the gunman who opened fire in a medical office on the Renown Regional Medical Center campus last year was suffering from depression at the time of the attack. Reno Public Radio's Michelle Bliss reports.

The document, which totals more than a thousand pages, provides details on gunman Alan Frazier's mental state leading up to the shooting. During that time period Frazier alleged that a doctor for Urology Nevada had given him a botched vasectomy.

Reno Police Officer Tim Broadway says the report notes serious concerns that Frazier's family members had about his well being and it highlights the importance of seeking help when a loved one is exhibiting symptoms of severe mental illness.

"Some of the tell-tale signs [include] being fixated on certain people or certain businesses or even political statements or things going on in the media now," Broadway says. He adds that what's important is "realizing that someone is so fixated with it to the point where that's all they think about and then they start talking about hurting people--recognizing that."

Since the shooting, the Reno Police Department has been working with large institutions throughout the community, like Renown, to be more prepared for active shooter scenarios.

"Have digital, modern cameras," suggests Broadway, "so if you see someone come in with a suspicious package, you can see it versus a blurry image on an old, green television screen."

Broadway also recommends that larger organizations install automatic door locks.

For individuals and families, Broadway says Reno Police has a program called MOST, the Mobile Outreach Safety Team, which sends a mental healthcare worker with a police officer when someone is in crisis.

During the incident, which was almost a year ago, Frazier fatally shot Dr. Garo Gholdoian and he critically injured two other people.