TEDx Preview: Preventing, Rather Than Curing, A Failed Marriage

Jan 17, 2018

The University of Nevada TEDx event is a series of talks from local and national thinkers who have innovative ideas to share. At this year's event later this month, Reno marriage and family therapist Steven Ing will be discussing how to select an ideal mate. He says partner selection is a big component for avoiding relationship trouble.

"Typically, when people come in to marriage counseling, it’s when it’s already too late. What would be far more effective for all of us is prevention. You know, preventing a failed relationship is so much easier than trying to fix one that’s already a failure.”

Ing says a big part of what leads to failed marriages is a lack of information and discussion on how to succeed. Sex education usually focuses on topics like pregnancy and disease. Ing’s clients often tell him they wish their sex education also included training on how to build and maintain healthy relationships.

“It’s in mate selection that we find true compatibility. That doesn’t just happen. We have to actually build that.”

Ing will be speaking at the University of Nevada TEDx event on January 27. Learn more here.