Morning Edition

Airs Monday through Friday, 5-9 am

Since 1979, NPR's Morning Edition has been at the core of public radio broadcasting. Morning Edition provides listeners up-to-the-minute news, in-depth analysis of events, commentary, and on the lighter side -- coverage of the arts and sports. It is one of the most well-rounded and respected news programs in the country. 

Morning Edition is hosted by Steve Inskeep and Renee Montagne at NPR West in Culver City, CA. 

Conceived as the morning news companion on November 5, 1979, Morning Edition began with Bob Edwards hosting what was at the time a 30-day assignment to host the new program. Over 660 stations across the country air the program currently. 

Correspondents for Morning Edition based in 17 countries, including production teams in 17 locations across the United States, offer comprehensive coverage of local, national, and international news. They report on local tragedy and economics, political action and international diplomacy, local weather, and even the best film to check out over the weekend. Morning Edition has all the information you need to start your day off right. 

Morning Edition is produced by NPR. For more information,  visit

Danna O'Connor is KUNR's local morning host during this program.




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