Science Friday

Airs Friday, 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.

For many audiences, there is a gap in scientific knowledge and comprehension of what's really going on.  That's where Science Friday comes in. Each week Science Friday will approach the latest in contemporary science news including nature, science, and technology. Host Ira Flatow and his panel of guests will take complex science issues and break them down for a balanced discussion on the issues at hand.

Ira Flatow is a veteran science journalist with an ability to relate topics in real life terms. The show is one of the most popular podcasts available in America and even has a flare for the parody and brighter side of technology.  For conversational insight into the most complex science topics in America, tune in for Science Friday.

Science Friday is produced by NPR. For more information, visit

Photo credit: Carl Flatow

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