Jimbo's Juke Joint and Acoustic Roadhouse Cafe

Airs Saturday from 1-3 p.m.

Jimbo's Juke Joint & Acoustic Roadhouse Cafe takes an edgy, bohemian approach to roots music by featuring the latest high pitched twang of classic rural Americana and obscure country-fried folk.

The Juke Joint's eclectic presentation of bluegrass (often referred to as JimboGrass), old-timey revivals and legendary tributes, as well as an assortment of intense emerging and venerable folk songsters and instrumentalists, provides KUNR and the listener with those priceless gems so often neglected and rarely aired on mainstream radio. It more than occasionally walks the line from roadside dance halls and honky-tonks, to a truly alternative originality in music tracks that defy prepackaged categorization.

With an enormous catalogue of songs of  longing, humor, tragedy, love, and general life in rural America, the enthused host and longtime volunteer at KUNR, Jim Burke presents a two hour, often themed show, with no fancy overdubs or studio tricks. Drawing from his hard travelin' Irish-Scottish-Acadian background, he provides a pure organic performance going far beyond the traditional mix. It's an on-the-road, in-your-living-room, let's-play-some-music experience.

Jimbo is a longtime volunteer radio host for KUNR. For more information on Jimbo's Juke Joint, visit


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