BBC Newshour

Airs Monday-Friday, 1-2 pm

Gain a more in-depth outlook, as available from BBC Newshour. BBC Newshour is a 60-minute program that delves deep into today's biggest news stories. Newshour presents a clear perspective on issues from the threat of terrorism to the growth of democracy and the rise and fall of the global economy. Newshour has its finger on the pulse of the world, focusing on international issues. 

Launched in 1988, Newshour broke new ground for BBC World Service. BBC Newshour is characterized by their rotating group of experienced journalists, each with a great amount of experience and knowledge of international affairs.

Newshour is always at the center of breaking news worldwide. It was on the scene, for example, moments after the first planes struck on 9/11, then reporting the war in Afghanistan, the fall of the Taliban, the crisis in Iraq and the removal of Saddam Hussein. The program continues covering the complex world we live in -- wars, politics, the economy and more -- from points and perspectives all around the globe.

BBC Newshour is produced by Public Radio International. For more information, visit


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