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Crying Children

Air Date: 05/27/14

Cheryl Erwin

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Cheryl Erwin is a licensed marriage and family therapist who has had a private practice working with children, teens, couples, and individuals in the Reno/Sparks area for almost 20 years. Cheryl is also the author or co-author of nine books on parenting and family life, including seven in the bestselling "Positive Discipline" series and the "Everything Parent's Guide to Raising Boys", the revised version of which is due in the fall of 2010. Cheryl is a popular speaker and trainer who has taught in Singapore, Australia, Canada, and across the United States.

She also works as the mental health consultant and family coach for Early Head Start in Reno and offers parent coaching, foster parent training, and other family support services in the Truckee Meadows.
Cheryl is married to David Ehrke, who is principal clarinet with the Reno Philharmonic Orchestra and a member of the University of Nevada, Reno music department faculty. She has a son, Philip, in his mid-twenties who lives and practices law in Las Vegas. Cheryl dreams of breaking 90 on the golf course, loves to mountain bike, ski, and kayak, and is an avid reader and knitter.

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Connection before Correction
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Do you have a "stuff" problem?
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Power Struggles When Kids Won't Listen
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Body Image
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Children in the Bed
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Some Thoughts on Laughter
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Dealing With Anger
Air Date: 07/09/13

Not all adults are natural parents.
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Emotional Intelligence for Kids
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Kids and Fads
Air Date: 06/11/13

Air Date: 06/04/13

Helping children become better problem solvers.
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Parenting in the Digital Age
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When Should Parents Butt Out?
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Morning Hassles
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Infinite Campus
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Separation Anxiety
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Stay-at-Home Moms
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Are We Obsessed with Blame?
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When Teens Respond to Pain by Harming Themselves
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Kids and Sports
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Kids and Pets
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Some Thoughts on My Son's Marriage
Air Date: 02/12/13

Belonging and Significance.
Air Date: 02/05/13

Placing children in competition
Air Date: 01/29/13

Children's programming
Air Date: 01/22/13

Gag order.
Air Date: 01/15/13

Middle School.
Air Date: 01/08/13

Parenting wishes for the New Year
Air Date: 01/01/13

Change is good. Change is hard.
Air Date: 12/18/12

Teaching children about gratitude, generosity, and sensitivity.
Air Date: 12/11/12

Dinner around the family table.
Air Date: 12/04/12

Overbearing children.
Air Date: 11/27/12

Black Friday Shopping.
Air Date: 11/20/12

Family meetings.
Air Date: 11/13/12

Keeping relationships strong when children are divided between parents.
Air Date: 11/06/12

Wealth and Happiness.
Air Date: 10/30/12

The difference between firmness and kindness.
Air Date: 10/23/12

Power Struggles.
Air Date: 10/16/12

Air Date: 10/09/12

When to NOT get involved
Air Date: 10/02/12

Gifted children in our school system.
Air Date: 09/25/12

Motivating your children through good training.
Air Date: 09/18/12

Q-TIP = Quit Taking it Personally.
Air Date: 09/11/12

Sometimes telling isn't the most effective way.
Air Date: 09/04/12

Punishment and Reward
Air Date: 08/28/12

(Rebroadcast) Television use is on the rise for children.
Air Date: 08/21/12

Change is good, change is hard.
Air Date: 08/14/12

Humor in parenting.
Air Date: 08/07/12

Controlling anger.
Air Date: 07/31/12

Air Date: 07/24/12

Child abuse laws.
Air Date: 07/17/12

Television use is on the rise for children.
Air Date: 07/10/12

Air Date: 07/03/12

Affordable vs. effective child care.
Air Date: 06/26/12

Being present.
Air Date: 06/19/12

Coaxing children to do something.
Air Date: 06/12/12

Child abuse and discipline.
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Getting kids outside more.
Air Date: 05/29/12

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Entitlement among children.
Air Date: 05/15/12

Teaching children about gratitude and generosity.
Air Date: 05/08/12

Following Through.
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Leaving technology alone when we are with our children.
Air Date: 04/24/12

Allowance and financial decisions for your children.
Air Date: 04/17/12

Making sure your child knows you love them.
Air Date: 04/10/12

How to approach mistakes made as a parent.
Air Date: 04/03/12

What do people mean when they call for more discipline?
Air Date: 03/27/12

Lying and cheating in society.
Air Date: 03/20/12

Empathy is real in humans.
Air Date: 03/13/12

Effects of Television.
Air Date: 03/06/12

What is a parent's role in rearing a child?
Air Date: 02/28/12

Parents don't always know what to do.
Air Date: 02/21/12

Effects of Yelling in the Family.
Air Date: 02/14/12

Step Families
Air Date: 02/07/12

Can you make someone behave?
Air Date: 01/31/12

Childhood Obesity
Air Date: 01/24/12

Obesity in children
Air Date: 01/17/12

Multitasking side effects
Air Date: 01/10/12

Challenges of Middle School
Air Date: 01/03/12

Parenting wishes for 2012
Air Date: 12/27/11

Taking on too many activities
Air Date: 12/20/11

Life with Children
Air Date: 12/13/11

What your child needs for Christmas
Air Date: 12/06/11

Air Date: 11/29/11

Air Date: 11/15/11

Children coming out of their cocoon
Air Date: 11/08/11

Bonus Time Together
Air Date: 11/01/11

What happens when your kid turns 18?
Air Date: 10/25/11

Torn between two parents
Air Date: 10/18/11

Is your child overbooked?
Air Date: 10/11/11

What is Attention Deficit Disorder Anyway?
Air Date: 10/04/11

The Power of Touch
Air Date: 09/27/11

Nevada's Crisis Call Center
Air Date: 09/20/11

Gifted and Talented Kids
Air Date: 09/13/11

Air Date: 09/06/11

The process of writing
Air Date: 08/30/11

Failure to Launch
Air Date: 08/23/11

Air Date: 08/16/11

Profound loss and childhood trauma
Air Date: 08/09/11

Plugged-in Parenting
Air Date: 08/02/11

Emerging Adulthood
Air Date: 07/26/11

A Sense of Belonging
Air Date: 07/19/11

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Overprotective Parents 2
Air Date: 06/21/11

Overprotective Parents
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Act versus React
Air Date: 05/31/11

Air Date: 05/24/11

In Children's Shoes
Air Date: 05/17/11

Sacred Space
Air Date: 05/10/11

Giving you kids and allowance
Air Date: 05/03/11

When to take a stand
Air Date: 04/26/11

Carrots and Sticks
Air Date: 04/19/11

Unstructured play
Air Date: 04/12/11

Positive Time Out
Air Date: 04/05/11

Assigning Blame
Air Date: 03/29/11

Why real conversation with kids is so important
Air Date: 03/22/11

What to do about kids behaving badly in restaurants
Air Date: 03/15/11

Balancing Work and Family
Air Date: 03/08/11

Girls and Bullying
Air Date: 03/01/11

Air Date: 02/22/11

Tiger Mom or Pushover Parent?
Air Date: 02/15/11

Backing Off
Air Date: 02/08/11

Flipping Your Lid
Air Date: 02/01/11

Play Matters
Air Date: 01/25/11

Parents Change First
Air Date: 01/18/11

Turning 18
Air Date: 01/11/11

Flat Daddies
Air Date: 01/04/11

Setting Limits
Air Date: 12/28/10

Courage to be Imperfect
Air Date: 12/21/10

Air Date: 12/14/10

Air Date: 12/07/10

Swearing and Bad Behavior
Air Date: 11/30/10

Air Date: 11/23/10

Air Date: 11/16/10

Bullying 2
Air Date: 11/09/10

Air Date: 11/02/10

Sleep Deprivation 2
Air Date: 10/26/10

Birth Order
Air Date: 10/19/10

Air Date: 10/05/10

Air Date: 09/28/10

Emerging Adulthood
Air Date: 09/22/10

Plugged-In Parenting
Air Date: 09/14/10

Homework 2
Air Date: 08/31/10

Connection before Correction
Air Date: 08/24/10

Air Date: 08/17/10

Picky Eaters
Air Date: 08/10/10

Air Date: 08/03/10

Act Don't Talk
Air Date: 07/27/10

Pediatric Sleep Issues
Air Date: 07/20/10

Air Date: 07/13/10

The Power of Words
Air Date: 07/06/10

Children in the Bed
Air Date: 06/30/10

Mothers and Sons
Air Date: 06/22/10

Life Skills
Air Date: 06/14/10

Single Parenting
Air Date: 06/07/10

Grandparents raising grandkids
Air Date: 06/02/10