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Marketplace is fast becoming the most talked about program on the air. The show's fresh, conversational tone, contemporary topics, and enthusiasm for business makes the show something that everyone can listen to no matter how well versed. At the time of its creation, there was substantial opinion that the word "business" was necessary in the title in order for it to be accepted, but the staff argued that this would identify it with other business programming exclusively. The aim was to produce a program which could appeal to listeners who weren't caught up in the usual commerce fare, and expand the audience. The tactic proved effective, and now Marketplace is widely enjoyed by all demographics. 

In 1988, American Public Media's General Manager Jim Russell, a former award-winning correspondent and executive producer of NPR's All Things Considered, was asked to evaluate their current business program, Business Update. At the time, the program was a collaboration with CBS studios and had an unmistakable CBS sound. Russell then began to draw up an intelligent and witty public radio program with a target audience of... everyone. Widely endorsed and received, it took only three months to hire staff, build studios, and produce the program. Marketplace has since exchanged many of its commentators and hosts, and since August 2005, is hosted by Kai Ryssdal (shown at right), who had previously hosted the Morning Report and Marketplace Money.

Toward the end of 2008, Marketplace started posting a small web series featuring videos with Senior Editor Paddy Hirsch defining complicated financial terms and concepts with simple stick figure drawings on a "Whiteboard," which happens to be the name of the series. To find out more visit their series "Whiteboard" at

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