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Infinite Campus

Air Date: 04/30/13 Infinite Campus is an online service that allows students and parents to keep up to date about your child's attendance and assignments. As valuable as this resource is, it generally creates some conflict between parents and children. Parents can now check up on their kid's success in school without actually talking to their children. Children can easily be threatened by the bombardment of a parent as soon as they walk in the door from school now that the parent knows what's missing in their assignments. Remember that your child's grades are just that, their grades and they need to be respected and kept private. Just as you wouldn't want your child snooping around your performance at work, they don't want to be put on the defensive either. Talk to your child and usually with a relationship of trust, they will honestly respond as to how they're doing and what needs to be done to help. Hear more on this week's edition of Parenting.