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Parenting in the Digital Age

Air Date: 05/21/13 It seems everywhere you go people can't bear to be disconnected from technology. Children do not develop language skills or develop relationships when you talk on the cell phone. Nor do they learn anything useful when you sit at the computer, listen to books or music on your mp3 player or chat with your friends on Facebook or text all day. If you have children, take them for lots of walks and trips to the grocery store. And the key is that you need to be talking to them. Point out the scenery and talk about the things you're going to do. Count out coins and plan out money. Leave lots of time for them to talk back to you. Most important, make sure there is time every day when you can be together as a family without the TV, computer, or cell phone. You can't afford to send the message to your children that they're less important than your boss, clients, golf buddies or girlfriends. Hear more suggestions on this week's edition of Parenting.