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Seeing things differently.

Air Date: 06/07/12 It's normal for couples to see things a little differently. People aren't going to see eye to eye all the time. Most of the time, the disagreement is over one another's motives for doing what they've done. Sometimes, couples views of reality are so at odds it is tough to say things will work out. This week, Dr. Jankovich suggests to couples they need to find a time when each person saw the facts the same, so they can break down when and how their perspectives became so different. Dr. Jankovich offers examples of seeing the world differently, clarifications on what really constitutes a concern in this matter, and suggestions on how to tackle such a difficult problem. Dr. Rebecca Jankovich airs Thursday mornings on 88.7 FM, KUNR, and can be reached at 775-322-1839.