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Affordable vs. effective child care.

Air Date: 06/26/12 Sometimes what you can afford in child care and what is best for your child doesn't match up.  Child care is a fact of life in many families today.   Many families have two working parents and unless the child is old enough to take care of themselves, child care is a necessity.  And fortunately, studies have shown child care isn't damaging to your child's development.   Child care can be breathtakingly expensive.  But cost shouldn't always be the focal ppoint in choosing a good day care facility.  Often times, the adage is true "you get what you pay for."  This week Cheryl talks about the cost effectiveness of a stay at home parent and different choices in child care.  Parenting with Cheryl Erwine airs every Tuesday morning on 88.7 FM, KUNR, and can be reached at 775-331-6723 or