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Air Date: 07/03/12 Life is full of rules on how to act within the community and the family.  Who gets to make the rules and who gets to decide what the consequences are when the rules are broken?  Rules have a habit of being broken and inciting rebellion in normally peaceful folks.  Teenagers are the same as adults.  Sometimes kids are just pampered and expect everything they want at any time, but sometimes kids are right.  Rules aren't always fair.  No one likes being told what to do especially when it appears they have no voice in the matter.  If you're a parent, Cheryl Erwine has some suggestions on how to give children a voice in rule setting and how to still enforce morality on this week's edition of "Parenting." Parenting with Cheryl Erwine airs every Tuesday morning on 88.7 FM, KUNR, and can be reached at 775-331-6723 or