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Television use is on the rise for children.

Air Date: 07/10/12 Studies show television is bad for your children. The findings say it encourages violence, exposes children to marketing for useless items, disrupts sleep, and discourages critical thinking. With these findings readily available, it would make sense that the number of hours of TV children are watching is going down, but that isn't happening. Most parents have admitted that the reasons for having children watch TV is about it being more convenient for them. They reason that it teaches them the ABC's and gives parents a chance to rest and watch their own programs. Cheryl Erwine gives sobering thoughts on the true value of television watching among our children on this week's edition of parenting.  Parenting with Cheryl Erwine airs every Tuesday morning on 88.7 FM, KUNR, and can be reached at 775-331-6723 or