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As technology changes, so does communication.

Air Date: 09/27/12 Many parents are concerned today that their kids are communicating with their friends through things like Facebook and texting instead of simply talking with them the way they used to.  As you look at innovations in communication over the years, the same concerns were raised when kids started talking on the telephone instead of simply meeting up at Saturday night socials.  As technology changes, so does our communication methods.  Some are not always for the better.  Our current communication certainly doesn't promote the kind of good spelling and grammar we would hope for example.  The constant availability of contact with peers does however support a child's awareness they belong to a community.  And perhaps it facilitates the child's developmental task of accepting they will eventually separate from their parents.  You're probably not going to be able to monitor the full range of your child's behavior.  This week, Dr. Jankovich talks about picking your battles and how to use phones and Facebook as a reward for good behavior for things that you find most important on this week's edition of Relationships.  Dr. Rebecca Jankovich airs Thursday mornings on 88.7 FM, KUNR, and can be reached at 775-322-1839.