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The difference between firmness and kindness.

Air Date: 10/23/12 In the world of parenting advice, there are volumes in any book store on how to be the best, most effective parent.  If you search online, even more references can be found.  So, which point of view is correct? For example, parents will say "I'm not in this to be my child's friend," and others will say "I want my child to trust me and come to me with problems."  Which is the best avenue?  Cheryl suggests the answer boils down to the difference between kindness and firmness.  It isn't about being mean and punishing children.  What children really need is a secure attachment or a solid connection.  It turns out a great deal of a child's development rests with the connection a child has with its parent.  This week Cheryl discusses the differences between kindness and firmness in detail and how to accomplish both effectively.  Parenting with Cheryl Erwine airs every Tuesday morning on 88.7 FM, KUNR, and can be reached at 775-331-6723 or