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Overbearing children.

Air Date: 11/27/12 It's important for parents to understand in today's world that a child is full of needs and desires, and while a child knows what it wants, it doesn't know what it needs.  That's where parents come in.  Kindness as a parent is a vital part of caring for your child, but so is firmness.  Giving your child everything they may want isn't effective parenting.   Sometimes too much niceness can be detrimental to a child.  They always need to know that you love them, but they also need to learn boundaries and responsibility.  If your young child always sleeps in your bed or refuses to eat anything but pizza and macaroni and cheese Cheryl Erwine has some tips on how to discipline your child with kindness and firmness on this week's edition of Parenting.  Parenting with Cheryl Erwine airs every Tuesday morning on 88.7 FM, KUNR, and can be reached at 775-331-6723 or