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Loss comes in many ways.

Air Date: 11/29/12 Research has shown that the popular belief that one must go through certain "stages" of grief in order to get to the other side isn't truly how it works. There aren't stages to grief. Grief is much like depression except in depression you are self-conscious about your identity whereas in times of grief you aren't. Nevertheless, the symptoms are similar. If you or a loved one is experiencing grief, there is no surefire way to overcome the troubles you are encountering. It is normal to grieve over the loss of a loved one like a parent for a couple of years and at the loss of child for up to nine years. While there aren't remedies to help you overcome grief, there are things you can do to make it not last longer. You can take care of yourself and eat properly. You can avoid drowning your grief in alcohol and push yourself to continue in your daily activities. The only way to really get past grief is to wait it out and to do so with the least amount of damage to yourself and your loved ones around you so you still have hope when you reach the other side. Dr. Rebecca Jankovich airs Thursday mornings on 88.7 FM, KUNR, and can be reached at 775-322-1839.