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Burned out from social planning?

Air Date: 12/13/12 All of us eventually burn out, even when it's something we enjoy. In relationships, usually the person who is organized does the social planning, which generally ends up being the woman. At first they do it because they enjoy it, then eventually it's because others expect them to do it by default. It's not that they don't like to do the planning; they usually just want the comfort of someone else doing the work for just a little while. If you want someone to take over, you have to ask for it. This is because others probably don't realize you need the help because you always look so strong and capable. When a spouse thinks she has been asking for years with no results, there is usually another reason why nothing has happened. If you ask someone to take over for you, there is a downfall. The social planning may not be done efficiently enough for your comfort. In the end, the event may not be at all to your liking because they plan something that they want to do. It may end up that having someone else take over the planning may not make you feel taken care of at all. To hear some suggestions about how to deal with complex social planning listen to this week's edition of Relationships with Dr. Rebecca Jankovich.