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Holiday rituals.

Air Date: 12/20/12 Most parents spend a tremendous amount of time and resources developing traditions for their children to carry on throughout their lives. However, as the child grows up and has children of their own, it's often frustrating to see those traditions disregarded in the lives of your new grandchildren. Even if you are fortunate enough to really enjoy your new son or daughter in law, you are still sharing your grandchildren with another family that also carried traditions. Then as your child's new family grows older, they become less inclined to travel for the holidays to your home for the big celebration. They want to stay at home more and develop their own traditions. Seldom do they do this out of spite. They're just trying to generate family memories for their children in their own homes. If you frame these changes in your mind as an inevitable part of life you will be able to cope much more easily. And avoid negative thoughts about your child and in-laws. This week, Dr. Jankovich discusses negative thoughts to avoid and important things to communicate with your adult children and behave with tolerance on this week's editions of Relationships.